About Us

Our Mission

We made InjuryEstimate.com to help people who have been injured and who might not have affordable or appropriate legal presentation readily available — or are just otherwise curious. The biggest problem we are helping with InjuryEstimate.com is to prevent insurance companies lowballing you. When injury happens the at-fault party’s insurance company will often call you, give you their "friendly" advice and offer a settlement. Their business is to pay just a fraction of what would be their full responsibility. Our job is to not let you being hustled and we are happy to do it for free.

Our Background

The people behind the site are experienced Ivy League lawyers, ex-Googlers, and experienced ex-Nokia developers. We have small offices in New York City and Mountain View, California. We build useful legal AI solutions to close the justice gap and enable access to justice.

The Technology

We made the injury calculator to help people estimate how much their personal injury case is worth, learn about their rights, and lead them to appropriate legal advice. We use our database of over 50,000 court cases and personal injury settlements across the U.S. to estimate what kind of award you would be entitled to if you would win your case or negotiated a settlement. The calculations are made using proprietary algorithms and state-of-the-art NLP and AI technology.

Our History

We are the same people who were behind the robot lawyer Herculex.ai for startups and entrepreneurs. In a project with Columbia Law School and federally funded Legal Services Corporation, we have helped legal aid organizations helped legal aid organizations to reach more people in need of legal counseling online. You can also witness our journey of bringing more access to justice by following us on Twitter.

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